Kell Brook vs Mark DeLuca Purse Payouts

Brook DeLuca purse payouts

Kell Brook is making return to the boxing ring after 1 year. In 2018, Brook won back to back two fights against (Michael Zerafa) and Sergey Rabchenko. Mark DeLuca who is undefeated in his career so far and got great opportunity against Kell Brook this weekend. DeLuca in previous fight defeated (Brandon Brewer). Brook DeLuca purse payouts hike as the pay-per-view schedule for (DAZN) tv coverage.

DAZN hold the official rights for the Brook and DeLuca main card fight. Which means both fighters get paid 60% and 40% revenue share from international money as per sources claimed. Kell Brook received so far highest purse for the fight against (GGG) Gennady Golovkin upto $5 million.

Kell Brook vs Mark DeLuca Purse Payouts 
Guaranteed Purse
PPV Share
$2 million
Mark DeLuca

In the above table, the purse money for the both boxers gathered from trusted sources. Kell Brook earn $3.5 million to $3 million in his last three fights. Well it’s first major pay-per-view fight for DeLuca he will make maximum $500,000 which include (40%) from revenue which include winning bonus and revenue share.

Kell Brook Guaranteed Purse Payout ($2 million) :Brook make $3.5 million from the fight. In previous fight against Spence Jr, he earn (£3 million), it will be more for him if he managed to defeat Spence Jr in the fight. Brook make ($3 million) from his fight against Michael Zerafa according to reports published about their pay-per-view earnings.

Mark DeLuca Guaranteed Purse Payout ($250,000) : It’s first major fight for DeLuca against one of the top British boxers (Brook). The fight schedule on 8th February and DeLuca made extra for winning against Kell Brook. Mark DeLuca maximum earn ($30,000) from his previous fight purse payouts. All financial information about purse payouts of both boxers collected from top sources of boxing.

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