Julio Cesar Martinez vs Jay Harris Purse Payouts

Martinez Harris Purse Payouts

Julio Cesar Martinez undefeated since 2016, and making his return to boxing ring on 29th Feb at Ford Center, Texas, US. He will face Jay Harris challenger for WBC flyweight title. Martinez defeated Cristofer Rosales in his previous fight in 2019. Martinez Harris purse payouts not confirmed yet, but Martinez earn bit more than his challenger in 2020.

Julio Cesar Martinez vs Jay Harris Purse Payouts
Guaranteed Purse
Jay Harris

Julio Cesar Martinez Guaranteed Purse ($75,000) Martinez earned career highest purse money after winning fight from (Cristofer Rosales). According to report Martinez make ($100k) and his opponent Rosales earned ($50k). In 2020, Martinez defending his WBC flyweight title against Harris and earn between $100k to $150k.

Jay Harris Guaranteed Purse ($25,000) Jay Harris in 2019, become the european flyweight champion after defeating Angel Moreno from Spain. He is challenger for the WBC flyweight title on Feb 29, will take home ($25k) estimated purse money.

The financial information regarding to Martinez Harris purse payouts gathered from trusted sources. The purse for this fight may be increase or decrease. The boxing promoter never share the revenue sales bonus paid to the boxers.