Juiseppe Cusumano vs Gregory Corbin Purse Payouts

Juiseppe Cusumano Corbin Purse

The biggest boxing pay-per-view card announced, it is confirmed that two legend boxers will return to the ring in the last week of the November 2020. The opening fight of the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr fight card take place between two top heavyweight boxers Juiseppe Cusumano and Gregory Corbin. Juiseppe Cusumano Corbin purse money payouts based on their signed contract for under-card fight.

Juiseppe Cusumano vs Gregory Corbin Purse Payouts 2020


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Juiseppe Cusumano




Gregory Corbin




Juiseppe Cusumano, is currently active professional boxer and hopeful to win the fight against Gregory Corbin on 28 November, Cusumano hold winning record of 18 fights wins and 3 fights lost. He will make maximum purse money of $100k from this fight if the pay-per-view sales stay strong on the fight day.

The opponent of Juiseppe Cusumano, Gregory Corbin holding winning record of 15 fight wins and 3 fights loss will make $50,000 on base of strong pay-per-view sales. He recently received $10k highest purse money for the fight against (Stephan Shaw). Complete details regarding to Juiseppe Cusumano Corbin purse money based on fighters agreed terms for the under-card fight (Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr).