Jose Zepeda vs Kendo Castaneda Purse Payouts

Zepeda Castaneda purse payouts

Jose Zepeda returning to boxing ring after September 2019. The fight dates in boxing pay-per-view changed after corona-virus pandemic. Jose Zepeda will be seen in main fight event on this Tuesday against Kendo Castaneda. The boxing fight take place behind close doors at MGM grand arena, in Las Vegans. Zepeda Castaneda purse payouts for the Tuesday night boxing confirmed.

According to reports, Zepeda earn $100,000 for the fight against (Jose Ramirez). Ramírez announced the winner of the main-card event fight after 12 rounds and become (WBC light welterweight) champion after defeating Zepeda. This upcoming fight is based on 10 rounds and its non-title fight. Zepeda wont make big money, because there will be no audience which means (zero) gateway income. Some boxers earn international money which include gateway income and tv revenue for international rights.

Jose Zepeda vs Kendo Castaneda Purse Payouts 2020 (Fight 7th July)


Guaranteed Payout

PPV Revenue

Jose Zepeda



Kendo Castaneda



Its the first major fight of (Kendo Castaneda) win or lost, he will take home estimated money upto ($25,000) maximum. While his opponent who earned $100,000 purse money in previous fight against (José Pedraza) and Jose Ramirez. He may earn promotional bonus, but such information never revealed. Mostly boxers earn (50% to 60%) pay-per-view revenue which include tv revenue money and gateway income but currently no details revealed how much Jose Zepeda earn for the fight.

The above information based Zepeda Castaneda purse payouts gathered from top sources, the earnings might increase or decrease but current information is based on their previous earnings in boxing matches. If any changes made to boxers payouts and earn any sponsorship bonus or winning bonus details updated here later.