Danny Dignum vs Alfredo Meli Purse Payouts

Dignum Meli purse payouts

Danny Dignum currently undefeated British boxer in middleweight division. Dingnum gets his first major ppv fight against Alfredo Meli on 7th March at Brentwood Centre, UK. Brentwood center hold seating capacity maximum (2,000) people. The fight will be schedule on channel (ESPN+). Dignum Meli purse payouts will be higher than their previous boxing fights.

Danny Dignum defeat opponent (Conrad Cummings) to earn the title shot in the next fight. The fight is for WBO European Middleweight championship. Alfredo Meli win’s total 17 fights and drawn 1 fight against (Conrad Cummings).

Dignum Meli Purse Payouts 2020 Fight
Purse Money
Danny Dignum
$50,000 (estimated)
Alfredo Meli
$40,000 (estimated)

There are no reports yet about the purse money details of both boxers. But as they were fighting in the main card of (ESPN+) pay-per-view. If the total purse money is $100,000 it is distributed 60/40. Danny Dignum already made headlines after winning his fight against opponent Conrad Cummings, Rafal Jackiewicz and Gianni Antoh in 2019.

The above purse money of the both fighters estimated not confirmed purse bids. The purse details updated once the gateway income generated revenue details confirmed. Because most of the times boxers earn their share from gateway income and pay-per-view tv rights money.