Carlos Takam vs Jerry Forrest Purse Payouts (Las Vegas, Fight 2020)

Takam Forrest purse payouts

Carlos Takam back in boxing ring after five months, his second fight of the boxing season 2020 confirmed. Takam will take on his opponent (Jerry Forrest) on this upcoming weekend at MGM Grand, Paradise, Las Vegas, United States. His opponent hold the winning record of 26 boxing matches and suffered defeat in three fights. Forrest in previous boxing fight defeat (Martez Williamson). Takam Forrest purse payouts for the upcoming fight will be higher, but the fight held behind close doors, they only received contract base payouts from promoters no gateway income or ppv revenue.

Anthony Joshua defeat Carlos Takam in 2017, according to boxing sources Joshua earned $13.1 million and $1 million paid to Takam for the fight. In 2018, Takam part in another pay-per-view fight and received ($500,000) for the fight against (Dereck Chisora). No details revealed, that Takam received any extra cash money based on pay-per-view revenue or gateway income.

Carlos Takam vs Jerry Forrest Purse Payouts 2020 (Boxing Main Card Fight)


Guaranteed Payout

PPV Revenue Share

Carlos Takam



Jerry Forrest



He did not lost any fight after suffering defeat from (Anthony Joshua) and (Dereck Chisora) during year 2017-18. The fight take place behind close door which means boxers won’t earn any international money or ppv gateway income. But if the received the details later updated about Takam Forrest purse payouts for 2020 fight.

Its a great chance for (Jerry Forrest) to get the spotlight for big fights. Currently no details about Jerry Forrest previous fight earnings revealed. But as far as he making to the first major heavyweight pay-per-view fight during pandemic he will earn estimated amount of ($30,000 to $50,000). More information about boxers payouts confirmed once the fight completed.